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      Light+Building's Logo


      18-23 March 2018 / Germany, Frankfurt





      FontanaArte at Light+Building
      Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B
      Modular Lighting Instruments introduces Qbini trimless
      ​Surface Solution with Ingenious Design
      Humans, Light, Rhythm. Louis Poulsen at Light + Building
      Biny Spot by DCW éditions: a beam of light on a surface
      Darkness and disappearance
      The Big Light Show. Reggiani at L+B
      Linea Light Group new collections
      The sculptures of light by Arik Levy for Vibia
      OMA + Delta Light
      Flos lights nature up
      Spatial concepts. The latest works by Davide Groppi
      Interaction + decoration. Luceplan at Light+Building
      Mullan Lighting @ Light + Building
      Aesthetic meets Innovation: Lumines Lighting @ L+B 2018
      Martinelli Luce new collections at Light+Building
      Daisalux presents Atria and Ziner Series: Central battery systems up to 5500 W
      Glass, brass and cement: Inti by Cangini & Tucci
      AVE presents its new 'retro' collections L+B 2018
      Brokis Visions at Light + Building 2018
      TOOY at Light+Building 2018
      Neri presents Brenta at Light+Building
      Directional: the K 831 Pendant Brings Light Into Every Corner
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